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Guardian Arthura 2: The Evil Lives On

     In the streets of Herot, Seth crossed over to the Travier Pub.  He went through the front door and sat down at the bar.  He noticed a telecom across the room, but decided to focus on the peanuts in front of him on the table.  The bartender, who was drying the glasses when Seth entered, walked up to him.  He leaned against the counter in front of Seth.
     "Hey buddy, what can I get ya?" The Bartender asked.
     "I'll take a water." Seth responded.
     "Water." The Bartender exclaimed. "Your in a bar buddy.  Order a beer or get out."
     "I'm not a drunkard." Seth said.
     "Then what the hell are ya' doing in a bar?" The bartender asked.
     "I just thought I'd find a place to rest." Seth told him.
     "What ya' need rest for." The bartender asked. "I'd think a young man like you would want to get wasted and find a little lady to shack up with before the world ends."
     "Your crazy old man." Seth responded. "The world is not going to end anytime soon."
     "Damn if it isn't." The bartender retorted. "They been saying it for a couple days now."
     "Whatever, old man." Seth said.
     "I'm not the crazy one," The bartender said. "It's that crazy dude that keeps hacking into the telecom system, and displaying messages of destruction towards earth."
     "Are you sure you haven't been downing your own whiskey there old man?" Seth asked.
     "Never touched the stuff myself." The bartender said.
     "Yeah, sure old man." Seth said.
     The telecom began making this beeping noise, and everyone in the room sat up.  The bartender looked at Seth with his mouth wide open.  The news feed was cut-off, and the screen flashed to a man covered in shadows.  Seth looked around at the bartender, but he just pointed him back at the telecom.
     "Attention, people of the masses." The voice said. "Years ago we lost our lord to a group of rebel terrorists.  These men killed Drendius, and your only true leader is back…."
     "What?!?" Seth gauked.
     "Due to the growth of  ROBO-technics…" the voice said.  "We saved our lord.  Now it is time to hunt down the men who nearly destroyed all hope  of life living on.  These people can kill more people at any second, so watch out.  More information will come soon, That is all."
     "What the hell?!?" Seth said angrily. "Is this some kind of joke?"
     "Apparently not."  The bartender said.
     Seth jumped up from his seat.  He ran out the door and down the street.  He stopped at a door marked "Zaboo's Electronics".  When he entered, a short old man with a beard that hanged down to the floor.  The man was Zaboo, and he was working on a machine as Seth ran in.
     "Hey Z. I'm gonna have to use your computer man." Seth said.
     "Go ahead boy." Zaboo said. "Always in a rush you are."
     He sat down at the counter and logged on.  He played around with his E-mail, sending a message to Cloea and the rest.  As he was about to get off, the screen went blank.
     "Hey Z, something happened to your computer man." Seth said.
     "You always break my stuff boy." Zaboo commented. "Let me take a look at it."
     Zaboo hit the monitor, and across the screen in green lettering appeared some text.
     "Hello……." It read. "Seth…Cloea…Cid…Trinity…Lucan…Anyone?"
     "What's going on here." Zaboo said.  "What did you do to my computer boy."
     "It's me….."  it read on. "Rogun."
     "What?!?" Seth yelled.
     The two just stared at the screen.  What exactly did this mean?  

606 Words