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Game Reviews: Fantavision by Ahkmid Lickachicken

If you did not get this game with the system. Don't.  The game looks stupid, and after a few days, you won't be able to stand it.  The only reason why you should buy this game is because you are either an extreme Classic Arcade gamer or your mom picks this up for christmas.  The fireworks look nice and shiny but exactly how long could you sit in front of a television playing a game that's main objective is to blow things up in the air.  Oh, well now your thinking, 'Blow sh** up'.  Well, not really.  You shoot at stuff, but you do not actually get to see a big explosion.
Remember Alien Invaders.  Think of Fantavision as a 3-D version of that game.  I don't want to go completely down on the game though.  It does seem to have some good things about it.  Like the background looks a little better than most of PSone's Arcade games.  The lights that shines on the buildings are pretty cool.  It seems to be a start for Playstation 2's lighting effects.  I don't really think this game will get off the ground though.
Ahkmid Lickachicken
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