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Game Reviews: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 by Zb§man

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater became one of the greatest games ever released for the PlayStation. It combined both originality with fun and creativity, and the replay value was endless. To say the least, this game blew anything else out of the water. It was the first (good) three-dimensional skating game. It not only made Neversoft and Activision stars again, it put skateboarding back on the map.

Now it's 2000. It takes a bit more to impress a crowd than a PlayStation game. But when you sit down to play Tony Hawk 2, you automatically feel "at home" with the game. It works for your brain, promoting creativity and adding new features and sounds to go with the package.

The most significant new features are the Create-A-Skater and Park Editor modes. These both let you design a skatepark or a custom skater to your own tastes. Want a white afro on your skater? No problem. Want 7 bowls with a street course and steps on a level? Build it yourself. Included with the Park Editor are 50 levels made by Neversof that let you edit them to your liking. There are faults in both modes. For example, you cannot "bend" the levels in the park editor. They all have to be flat, and you can't put objects right next to each other, like putting a large roll-in right next to a pool. The create-a-skater mode only lets you do guys, and you can't design your own custom logo. But this, by no means, dampens the fun. The game is purely awesome, introducing several new skaters, like Eric Koston and Rodney Mullen. The game amps it up a notch with bigger, badder levels where gaps have more of an emphasis. This game is great, in every aspect.

The greatest thing about this game is the sheer level of playtime you'll put into it. It's incredible. 360 Flips to Darkslides to 180 Kickflips have never been so fun, while not running the risk of injury. To say the least, this game is very easily a Platinum Award Winner from me. Buy it, steal it, get it. I don't care what you have to do, you NEED this game. (Pics coming soon!)

Damn THPS2 is good. Make that "god".

Rating (1-10):

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