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November 2000             ADD AN ARTICLE--->
Chief Editor: Ahkmid Lickachicken
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Get in the know.  Soon the GTF Newsletter will be running as soon as we can get it running.  If someone wants to create a GTF Newsletter contact me.  Other Wise I am going to do it once a month. :D


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To Join, and have your own article every week or month, You Can Post a message at the Staff Forum.


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 GTFMA News by Ahkmid

Well, we have officially opened.  I would like to start out by welcoming you to the GTFMA.  We are here to provide the best service to members of the GTF.  GTFMA meaning "Gran Turismo Forum Member's Area" is here to give the news about the ups and downs of the GTF.  The Gran Turismo Forum, if you have never visited it before, is at, and is hosted by Kenji.

This is the first GTFMA official week, so take a look around and give us some feedback.  The next thing for us to do is build a newsletter.  Now, I will have my hands full with the site, so whoever wants to work on the newsletter can contact me.

Thank You again for visiting the GTFMA, and be sure to visit often.


 Quotes of the Week

G'Day Mate "The moral of the story? Next time you see Fifi crossing the   road.... gun it!"

sbsprinter "Instead of calling you a fart, now we can call you an old fart."

cudaman "...Everything's getting blurry, like the monitor is starting to go 'cross-eyed'. Lousy thing..."

speedpimp "/me reads Kenji's thought's
"Hmmmm, that NSX sure kicks ass. I'm gonna go for a ride in it. I guess I could drive up to Seattle and back, yeah that's what I need for some relaxation.What site? Oh that one. When is GT6 gonna be released?"


StreetRacerGT "I want an Ultra Maximum Laser Cannon Swing-Wing Battle Sword Light-Up Rifle Effects Speaker Burst Lightning Bolt Tracer Missle Ultrasuper Man. Can someone buy me one? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?"

As a follow up to that, Random replied with
"No, but  here's a ball of string and some construction paper: make your own."

USAanj "Yeah, but who else gets to do it in historic Butte MT. "

-Nathalie Aria

 Weekly Top Ten Forum Threads

This will work out like the 'member of the week' Column.  Please vote for your favorite thread.  If someone else would like to run this piece, contact me.

To Vote Click Here


 Member of the Week

Soon to be added, this will be a section to note a worthy member of the forum.  For the first member of the week vote at the GTFMA Ballot Box.  Let's try and keep it simple.  No recounts please. :D  We are not going to turn this into a Presidential Election.


 Game of the Week

With out a doubt.  The Game of the week is Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2.  The Sequel to the popular THPS, is now offering a more skaters and a skateboard park creator.  Build your very own skate park and ride on it.

 Game Reviews

    Driver 2-Ignatious Bill
    Fantavision- Å£
    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2- Zb§man
    Ridge Racer 5- Å£
            More Reviews--->

 Game Codes

    D. K. Country-Å£
    Perfect Dark-Å£
    Wario Land 3-Å£
Nintendo 64:
    Banjo Tooie-Å£
    Jet Force Gemini-Å£
    GoldenEye 007-Å£
    Driver 2-Å£
    T. R. Chronicles-Å£
    Medal of Honor: 2-Å£
    Ready 2 Rumble: 2-Å£
More Codes--->

 Game Releases

GameBoy-Ignatious Bill
Nintendo 64-Ignatious Bill
Sega Dreamcast-Ignatious Bill
Sony Playstation-Ignatious Bill

 Member Site Spotlight

 I'm sure you have heard of the 'Gran Turismo Garage' by SlipZtrEm.  This site has some awesome stories, and a smooth layout.  The perfect site for people who want to read stories about car racing like 'Drift Class' by Kyle Patrick (SlipZtrEm) and 'Lotus Sport: Elise Motorsports' by Shawn Conrad.


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