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 For the Week of November 19-26 2000             ADD AN ARTICLE--->
Chief Editor: Ahkmid Lickachicken
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Get in the know.  Soon the GTF Newsletter will be running as soon as we can get it running.  If someone wants to create a GTF Newsletter contact me.  Other Wise I am going to do it once a month. :D


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 GTFMA News by Ahkmid

This Section will be handled by me.  I will give the latest up-to-date info on the GTFMA.  Whether it is something about a new layout or just a thank you to staff or new members into the life of the GTFMA.  I appreciate any help given to me and the Staff here.

If someone sends me specific information that will help out the staff here, this section will thank them for their help, and allow readers to understand what we do here.  I may just shoot my mouth off in this section or tell you about something that is going on in the background.  To build a huge traffic lane directly to the GTFMA.

We will not forget our major goal.  To give information to members of the GTF, and send people who find us, to the GTF.  After all, that is what we are about.  Sending people to the Forum.  We provide links to the Forum and directly.

I should probably start out with my profile.  My name is Steven.  Many people on the Forum know me as Ahkmid Lickachicken. I am into internet communications, Graphic designs. Website Construction, Game Development, and All things related to gaming.

In June, I will embark on my journey into the NAVY.  I am going to be a Cryptological Technician, and after bootcamp, I will be in school for 5 1/2 months in Penscacola, Florida.  I will always have time for theGTFMA except for those six weeks in bootcamp.  We will worry about that later.

I guess this is enough info for now.

-Ahkmid, 11/22/2000, 3:44 PM

 Quotes of the Week  by Del SolMan

Welcome to the Lesbian Por... Gran Turismo Forum. Kenji is our god and Fud smells like sh*t
An email doesnt usually come right away, Mr. FlyingIsh
                    -Nathalie Aria
I forgot my teddy bear, will you sleep with me?
uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....are you trying to get us to buy your pokemon cards?
That Akhmid laughs at everything...sigh...
*hugs monitor* ahhhhhhhh
You Bald monkey grabbing underwear smelling goat eating vegetarian (Spell Check?).
                    -Philharmonic Quackiduck
Here is a pic of me and a friend at prom 1987

-Del Sol Man, 11/16/2000, 5:44 P.M. EST.  (Not Accurate)

 Vehicle of the Week

This is one of the easiest articles.  You have to pick a vehicle every week, any kind, and tell special things about it.  You can also tell your opinion or give several links to it.  It will one of the spotlights on the site about something every member at the GTF likes. Vehicles.

-Ahkmid, 11/22/2000, 4:27 P.M. EST.

 Car Audio by JMII

This is the Section done by John Moore, known as JMII on the GTForum.  He will post a weekly news section or report on the latest in Car Audio and his Reviews on certain items.  Thanks go out to JMII for deciding to Join

-Ahkmid, 11/22/2000, 3:18 P.M. EST.

 Game of the Week

Nobody has decided to work on this section yet so the first person to call it gets it.  All you have to do is supply a Game that you have decided to be the game of the week, with an explanation and maybe links to codes or reviews or even a link to buy it.  Not all information above needs to be applied.

-Ahkmid, 11/22/2000, 3:22 P.M. EST.

 Game Reviews by Zb§man

This task may be a heavy one. You can supply as many reviews for as many systems as you want, from 1 to 10 a week on games that are new, old or in between.  I would be very humble to anyone who decides to write this article.  Your job will be to play games, and give us your honest opinion on them.

-Ahkmid, 11/22/2000, 3:26 P.M. EST.

 Game Codes

Whether it is a simple link to a site containing a cheat or your own site, the person who decides to do the Game Codes Section every week will need to be able to handle just about five games a week.

-Ahkmid, 11/22/2000, 3:28 P.M. EST.

 Game Releases

This Job will simply be called a Gopher Job.  You have to be able to search the web for several sources that tell you about Game releases, but you have more time.  This section is a monthly section.  In this section will be listed the releases of games in specific months.  Info can be found on sites, and magazines.  If you think aboit it this will be an interesting article to read, and people will pray about the games you say will come. :D (Maybe)

-Ahkmid, 11/22/2000, 3:33 P.M. EST.

 Weekly Top Ten Forum Threads

   1.   Well, I think you know what goes here
   2.  This section will probably be one of the funnest
   3.  Now, I know you are looking at the blank spot on the right
   4.  Something will replace it, and another section or article
   5.  Will be added.  You are just looking at the BETA version
   6.  So remember some of the stuff you see now, may not
   7.  Be on the site when we officially announce it's launch
   8.  Go ahead, I know you want to join.  come on, be part of
   9.  Something big.  You can do it!!!, You can do it all night long!!!
 10.  LOL, well you get the picture of what it will look like here. :D

-Ahkmid, 11/22/2000, 4:01 P.M. EST.

 Monthly Letter to the GTF Members by Kenji

I hope Kenji will be able to do this, but just because you see this does not mean it is permeanant.  Sorry if you start crying right now.  Don't worry, he hasn't turned down the idea yet.

-Ahkmid, 11/22/2000, 4:04 P.M. EST.

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